Witch Room Stickersheet - Decorate it yourself!

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With this interactive stickersheet and print set you can decorate your own witchy isometric room, or peel off the stickers to create little isometric halloween scenes wherever you wish!

This set includes:

  • 6in x 6in stickersheet with 36 stickers

  • A 6in x 9in background print of an empty isometric room with stained glass window

  • A 6in x 9in clear plastic protector sleeve

All stickers have clear borders and opaque ink, but please note that the white ink is slightly translucent on dark surfaces.

I recommend sticking the stickers to the protector sleeve (NOT directly on the paper print) so that the print isn't damaged if a sticker needs to be readjusted. The stickers are not reusable but they do tolerate minor peeling and resticking on the plastic if you are gentle.

All stickers are original hand pixeled artwork manufactured through stickerapp. High-quality paper ensures saturated colors and crisp, vibrant representation of each individual pixel.


Dimensions: Stickersheet is 6in wide by 6in tall, background print is 6in wide by 9in tall.

For product support and questions, please e-mail pixelplacebo@gmail.com

Thank you for supporting small artists!


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